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Psychology Graduate School Search

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Argosy University
2301 West Dunlap, suite 211

Phoenix, AZ


Tuition Costs, In State: 345 per credit
Tuition Costs, Out of State: Same as in state

APA Accreditation: Yes

Financial assistance available:

Application Deadline: Varies by program

Degrees and Programs Offered:
Clinical Psychology (PsyD, MA)
Sports-Exercise Psychology (MA)
Professional Counseling (MA)
Educational Leadership (EdD., Ed.S.)


Min. Undergraduate GPA (Median): No minimum stated
Min. Undergraduate GPA, Masters (Median): 3.0
Min. Undergraduate GPA, PhD (Median): 3.25

Min. GRE, Masters: No minimum stated
Min. GRE, Masters (Median): No minimum stated
Min. GRE, PhD: No minimum stated
Min. GRE, PhD (Median): No minimum stated
Required GRE V+Q: No minimum stated

Classes Required:
None required