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Psychology Graduate School Search

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College of New Rochelle
29 Castle Place

New Rochelle, NY
(914) 654-5000

Tuition Costs, In State: $874 (per credit)
Tuition Costs, Out of State: $874 (per credit)

APA Accreditation: Yes

Financial assistance available:
Scholarships are available.

Application Deadline: Applications and other supporting documents must be submitted at least one month prior to the start of the next session. Upon receipt and review of the application packet, the prospective student is called for a personal interview with the Assistant Dean. A writing sample is done at this time. Each student is assigned an advisor who comes from his/her area of specialization. Student and professor meet each semester to discuss academic options, progress, and outcomes.

Degrees and Programs Offered:
Art Therapy & Art Therapy/Counseling
Career Development
Communication Studies
Gerontology & Thanatology
Guidance & Counseling
Long Term Care Administration
Mental Health Counseling
Public Administration
Marriage and Family Therapy
School Psychology


Min. Undergraduate GPA (Median): 3
Min. Undergraduate GPA, Masters (Median): 2.7
Min. Undergraduate GPA, PhD (Median): N/A

Min. GRE, Masters: No minimum stated
Min. GRE, Masters (Median): No minimum stated
Min. GRE, PhD: N/A
Min. GRE, PhD (Median): N/A
Required GRE V+Q: N/A

Classes Required:
Developmental Experimental Tests and Measures Abnormal (Community/School only)