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Psychology Graduate School Search

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Minnesota State University Mankato
Department of Psychology
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Mankato, MN
(507) 389-2724

Tuition Costs, In State: $5,914 per year
Tuition Costs, Out of State: Varies based on location

APA Accreditation: N/A

Financial assistance available:
Graduate/Teaching Assistantships, work study, student loans. Additional Doctorial funding will be available on a competitive basis within the program.

Application Deadline: Undergraduate: 5 business days prior to the start of the semester
Masters: February 15
Doctorate: January 15

Degrees and Programs Offered:
Bachelor's in Psychology (BS)
MA Clinical Psychology
MA Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Psy.D. School Psychology (PsyD)


Min. Undergraduate GPA (Median): No minimum stated
Min. Undergraduate GPA, Masters (Median): No minimum stated
Min. Undergraduate GPA, PhD (Median): N/A

Min. GRE, Masters: 500 (V) 500 (Q)
Min. GRE, Masters (Median): No minimum stated
Min. GRE, PhD: N/A
Min. GRE, PhD (Median): N/A
Required GRE V+Q: N/A

Classes Required:
Undergrad prerequisites (can be taken as part of general education credits): College Algebra, Introduction to Computer Science, and Technical Communication.

MA Clinical Psychology prerequisites: Basic Statistics, Biopsychology, History or Psychology, Child Psychology or Life Span Development, Personality Theories, Abnormal Psychology

MA Industrial/Organizational Psychology prerequisites: Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 15 semester credits in psychology including: introductory psychology, statistics, research methods, social psychology, and personality or cognitive psychology.

Doctorate of psychology (Psy.D) School Psychology prerequisites: Admissions are competitive based on GRE scores, GPA (overall, major, and last 2 years), research experience, professional experience and letters of recommendation. The minimum requirement for admission is the completion of a bachelor?s degree. Students with graduate training may be admitted in advanced standing for a shortened curriculum. Up to seven students are admitted in the fall of each year.