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Psychology Graduate School Search

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Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
2500 Park Avenue

Minneapolis, MN
(612) 728-5100

Tuition Costs, In State: $205 (per credit)
Tuition Costs, Out of State: $205 (per credit)

APA Accreditation: N/A

Financial assistance available:

Application Deadline:

Degrees and Programs Offered:
Bachelor Completion in Psychology
MA in Counseling Psychology
MA in Marriage and Family Therapy
Psy.D. in Counseling Psychology


Min. Undergraduate GPA (Median): No minimum stated
Min. Undergraduate GPA, Masters (Median): 2.75
Min. Undergraduate GPA, PhD (Median): N/A

Min. GRE, Masters: No minimum stated
Min. GRE, Masters (Median): No minimum stated
Min. GRE, PhD: N/A
Min. GRE, PhD (Median): N/A
Required GRE V+Q: N/A

Classes Required:
Psychology major