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Psychology Graduate School Search

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Springfield College
Department of Psychology
263 Alden Street
Springfield, MA
(413) 748-3328

Tuition Costs, In State: $884 (per credit)
Tuition Costs, Out of State: $884 (per credit)

APA Accreditation: No

Financial assistance available:
Teaching and Research Assistantships

Application Deadline: Rolling (Fall)
Feb. 15 (Financial Aid)

Degrees and Programs Offered:
Athletic Counseling (MS, CAGS, Med (T), PsyD)
Industrial/Organizational (MS, C.A.G.S, Med (T))
Marriage and Family Therapy (MS, C.A.G.S, Med (T), PsyD)
Mental Health Counseling (MS, C.A.G.S, Med (T), PsyD)
School Guidance and Counseling (MS M.Ed., C.A.G.S)
Student Personnel (MS, M.Ed. CAGS)


Min. Undergraduate GPA (Median): No minimum stated
Min. Undergraduate GPA, Masters (Median): Vary by program
Min. Undergraduate GPA, PhD (Median): N/A

Min. GRE, Masters: Vary by program
Min. GRE, Masters (Median): Vary by program
Min. GRE, PhD: N/A
Min. GRE, PhD (Median): N/A
Required GRE V+Q: N/A

Classes Required:
Varies By Program